Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM)

Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) is the world’s largest and most flexible test centre for CO2 capture technology verification.

TCM has become a leading centre of expertise in CO2 capture technology. More than 60 scientific publications are available for public access on the website.

Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM). Photo: Styrk Fjørtoft

Gassnova’s follow-up to TCM

By bridging the gap between technology developers, science, and industrial application of CO2 capture technologies, Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) contributes to a cleaner and greener future. The main task of the Technology Centre is to test, verify and demonstrate different technologies for cost-effective full-scale CO2 capture. The aim is to facilitate the deployment of CO2 capture technology in various industries. Gassnova represents the state’s interests in TCM.

Gassnova shall:

  • Contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and technology to reduce the costs and risks of full-scale CO2
  • Follow up on the arrangements for TCM, including safeguarding the state’s ownership interests in TCM.
  • Contribute to facilitating good and long-term use of the facilities
  • Monitor general market developments to gain a better understanding of the future market and opportunities for CCS.
  • Develop proposals for models with less or no government funding.

    Source: Gassnova’s mission statement, 2024
Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM). Photo: Styrk Fjørtoft

Arena for collaboration

Since the inauguration in 2012, the TCM has been an important arena for knowledge exchange and innovation. Through collaboration between industry, research institutions and government, the centre has helped accelerate the development of technological solutions that can have a global impact on climate challenges.

Capture technologies selected for Longship and projects in the UK and US have been demonstrated at TCM. This means that testing at TCM paves the way for commercialisation by reducing technical, economic and environmental risks.

Operating period 2024-2025

The Board of Directors is the highest governing body of TCM. It is chaired by Gassnova. In connection with this task, there is a dedicated team that follows up on relevant matters and issues related to operations and further development. In the coming period, TCM will continue its work on testing CO2 capture technologies and planning TCM’s future business model with a reduced financial contribution from the owners. 


Ownership interests

Gassnova (on behalf of the Norwegian state) 34%

Equinor 22%

Shell 22%

TotalEnergies 22%