The EU Innovation Fund: €1 billion invested across seven projects

After almost eighteen months of competition and 311 submissions with €1 billion up for grabs, seven projects emerged victorious in November. This was the first of several announcements from the Innovation Fund up to 2030 – expected to add up t…

COP26: Where do we go from here and what might this mean for the EU’s climate efforts?

Many have expressed disappointment with the results of COP26, among them UN Secretary-General Guterres. He believes that it is time to go ‘into emergency mode’ over the climate crisis.

Article 6 of the Paris Agreement: A source of international climate cooperation and lower initiative costs

One important topic at this year’s climate negotiations was the formation of procedures for international trade in climate quotas, ensuring, among other things, that double counting is avoided.    

The film about Longship

We have a common responsibility to solve one of the greatest challenges of our time; climate change. Longship is part of the solution.

Gassnova will promote technology development and build competence for cost-effective and future-oriented solutions for capture, transport and storage of CO2 (CCS) – among other things through learning from the Longship project.



CCS Environmental Analysis, November

On a monthly basis, Gassnova prepares an analysis of important CCS international market trends, and what drives innovation in our focus areas. Here is the analysis for November.

CLIMIT projects

83 Projects
182 Technical participants
83 Projects
182 Technical participants
859 Total budget (MNOK)
12 Countries involved
422 CLIMIT Financing (MNOK)
181 Co Financers