Measuring the amount of CO2 in the transport chain

Once CO2 has been captured, it needs to be transported from the capture site to a storage site, meaning systems are needed to measure the amount of CO2 being transported. A system to do this has been developed through the Longship project.

New method of assessing seal integrity early on in the screening phase

In a recently completed CLIMIT-Demo pilot project,, represented by Torolf Wedberg, worked on a new method that can help to assess the integrity of sealing rocks, even in the exploration phase.

She got a dream fulfilled at TCM

Christina Martavaltzi joined the team last year as Advisory Services Lead. – A dream come true, says Martavaltzi.

Internationally acclaimed hydrogen project

The ‘PROTONIC Phase II’ project, which received funding from CLIMIT, has now reached its conclusion and its finding have met with international acclaim.

Researching how Grenland can become climate positive

– Our goal is to specify what it will take to capture CO2 from all major emitters in Grenland – With the aim of making this industry-focused region climate-positive by 2040.

CLIMIT support has come in handy for Oslo’s goal of being climate neutral by 2030

The world is facing major changes and some Norwegian municipalities want to be leading the way. Oslo is one them. Climate change and waste management are two high-priority societal challenges setting clear targets on waste management and the low-carbon economy for the future.

The film about Longship

The biggest climate project ever undertaken by Norwegian industry has a name: Longship. It is one of the first projects in the world to develop the infrastructure to permanently store significant amounts of carbon two to three kilometres beneath t…

Gassnova will promote technology development and build competence for cost-effective and future-oriented solutions for capture, transport and storage of CO2 (CCS) – among other things through learning from the Longship project.



How CCS works


Carbon Capture and Storage is a group of complementary technologies which remove carbon dioxide from fossil-fuel power plants and large-scale sources.



CCS Environmental Analysis, May


On a monthly basis, Gassnova prepares an analysis of important CCS international market trends, and what drives innovation in our focus areas. Here is the analysis for May.


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