Porthos an important step closer to investment decision

The financing of the CCS cluster project at the Port of Rotterdam has come and is a good step further after the authorities have promised to support the project with €2 billion over a period of 15 years.

CCS Environmental Analysis, May 2021

On a monthly basis, Gassnova prepares an analysis of important CCS international market trends, and what drives innovation in our focus areas. Here is the analysis for May.

The Longship White Paper available in English

The report to the Storting  about «Longship – Carbon capture and storage» is now available in English.

Carbon capture and storage

Carbon capture prevents CO2 from industry entering the atmosphere

Carbon Capture and Storage

Gassnova facilitates the development of cost efficient technology and solutions  for capture and storage of CO2.

Gassnova SF makes changes to its management team

The Board of Directors and the CEO, Trude Sundset, have agreed that Trude Sundset will step down from her role managing Gassnova on a day-to-day basis effective 1 February 2021. Roy Vardheim will assume the duties of the CEO until further notice.


Gassnova facilitates the development of technology and solutions that can ensure cost efficient and progressive solution for the capture and storage of CO2.
Carbon capture and storage (CCS) removes carbon from emissions and stores it safely beneath the ocean floor.