Style guide

The purpose of this style guide is to describe the way in which Gassnova SF communicates with the outside world. The style guide contributes to ensuring uniformity and consistency in Gassnova SF’s communication, making sure that it reflects the desired corporate style and making it easily recognisable by recipients – this is sometimes referred to as ‘linguistic branding’. The style guide is primarily for internal use.

The target audiences of Gassnova’s communications are:

Gassnova’s tone of voice must be consistent, but tailored to the various channels of communication used by Gassnova, which include:

The language used must be correct, concise and clearly understood by non-Norwegians, and it must reflect Gassnova’s professionalism.

The level of formality should generally be high, except for communications to Gassnova’s own employees/intranet and SoMe. Even direct communication with foreign collaboration partners should be formal.

In English translations, the language must be idiomatic and modern and with a strong focus on linguistic flow.


Gassnova`s linguistic guidelines