Celsio puts Klemetsrud carbon capture project on hold

An updated cost estimate from Hafslund Oslo Celsio shows that the carbon capture project at its Klemetsrud site will exceed the maximum budget stipulated in its government funding agreement. Celsio is now seeking to place the project on hold and ...


Gassnova's CCS newsletter changes form

Gassnova's CCS newsletter changes form and will be distributed once a month.


Proposes to pay the industry to remove CO₂

The Norwegian Environment Agency has published a note on the potential, costs and possible measures for industrial carbon removal. One instrument that can trigger industrial carbon removal is that industry can be paid to remove CO2 fro...


Safe carbon storage

Carbon capture and storage is a necessary measure in order to achieve the climate goals of the Paris Agreement. But how do you permanently store carbon? And is it safe?


Morten Henriksen appointed new CEO of Gassnova

The Gassnova SF Board of Directors has appointed Morten Henriksen as the new CEO of the company.