IPCC: Little news – but one significant change is worth noting

The publication of the first part of the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report (AR6, Working Group 1) in August generated a degree of legitimate interest globally.


The US is trying to balance climate and economic considerations – CCS is getting more attention

Following the United States’ re-entry into the Paris Agreement and new, ambitious targets for net-zero by 2050, much has happened in the areas of energy and climate policy that may have an impact on the development of CCS in the United States.


Dry wells provides an opportunity for CO₂ storage

Results from two CLIMIT supported projects show that there is potential for CO2 storage in two dry wells.


Central German representatives on «CCS safari»

Together with the Norwegian Embassy in Berlin, Gassnova arranged a "CCS safari" for a German group of key politicians, representatives from German industry and the German Ministry of Energy. The goal was to share knowledge and experience from the ...


The first part of the Danish government’s CCS strategy is ready

In June, the Danish government announced the first part of a new CCS strategy (in Danish) dealing with the transport and storage of CO2. The government wants to store CO2 on the Danish continental shelf.


DNV study on the prospects for a hydrogen economy: High expectations and significant barriers

In July, DNV published a study on the path to a global hydrogen economy. The study confirms significant expectations for a future hydrogen market.


Builds carbon capture plants with knowledge from Langskip and CLIMIT projects

- Our participation in the CLIMIT-supported project "CCS cluster on Øra" and the visit to the pilot plant at Fortum Oslo Varme at Klemetsrud, has been important to mature our ambitions in carbon capture, says CEO of Carbon Centric Fredrik Häger.


The EU’s “Fit for 55” – how the EU will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030

In July, the Commission launched a package of proposals on how to achieve recently adopted ambitious climate targets. The package contains proposals for new and changed regulations in several areas which, according to the commission, will “trans...


Reports from the CCS project Longskip

Here you will find Gassnova’s reports to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy from the FEED phase and Gassnova’s lessons learned report.


Launches CCS dictionary

Gassnova has set up a dictionary for CCS. We want to publish this publicly in case others can benefit from it.


Germany; New momentum in the climate issue

In recent months, there has been some growing acceptance in the German political debate about the need for CCUS before 2050 to achieve tighter climate goals.


Deloitte/SINTEF/IFP: Blue hydrogen important for achieving EU climate goals

In the EU’s Green Deal, hydrogen has been highlighted as an important element for integrating various energy systems and contributing to CO2 reductions, especially in the process industry and transport. The EU’s hydrogen strategy fo...


Porthos an important step closer to investment decision

The financing of the CCS cluster project at the Port of Rotterdam has come and is a good step further after the authorities have promised to support the project with €2 billion over a period of 15 years.


German interest in Norwegian CCS work

In the German political debate there has been an increasing focus on CCS to achieve tighter climate goals by 2050. Now German politicians will learn more about the Norwegian model for CCS, and what Norway is about to offer Europe.


IEA: Enormous restructuring is ahead of us, and the road ahead is narrow

In May, the IEA issued a special report on the path to net zero emissions in 2050. The report is specific to recommendations to governments up to the COP26 negotiations in Glasgow in November. It is based on previous analyzes that are also mention...


Did you miss the presentations from Mission Innovation?

The side event about Longship and Accelerating CCS Technologies (ACT) are now published on Youtube. See all, or parts, of the event here.


HeidelbergCement starts CO₂ capture project in Sweden

The HeidelbergCement Group's Swedish subsidiary Cementa starts planning a carbon capture plant on Gotland. The project is based, among other things, on the experiences gained through Norcem's carbon capture project in Brevik.


Sharing our experiences with Sweden

One of Gassnova's main goals is to promote technology development and competence building for cost-effective and future-oriented solutions for CO2 management. Today, the head of CCS's technology and knowledge hub in Gassnova, Audun Røsjorde, pres...


Join our webinar during Mission Innovation!

Want to learn more about the largest climate project in Norwegian industry ever called "Longship"? And about Accelerating CCS Technologies (ACT) that promote CCUS through transnational funding? Join this webinar on June 1st.